The Book of Saol Story

The story of "The Book of Saol," was entirely personally created; concept of story as well as all design, for my thesis senior project at Ringling College of Art + Design. This short story contains many character designs, illustrations, and prop designs and many more in order to bring this magical story to life. This link shows some examples of well known classic stories that were based on a very different original story: The title of my short story is, The Book of Saol. It is inspired by an Irish folktale called “The Legend of Irish Puca,” in which the Puca are considered to be bringers of good and bad fortune and could either help or hinder rural and marine communities. These Puca are considered hobgoblins-small but vicious creatures that live in the mountainous meadows of the Irish forests. In my story, the Puca are like two sides of the same coin, consisting of both good and evil. Their only hope is a hero, a legend, an artist who can change the Puca’s fate from evil and bring goodness to the forest. This local village artist is Kayne, “the foolish one.” Believe it or not he was ready enough to wield the power of the book as his mentor Aldo gave it to him in secret. Kayne then uses the Book of Saol and his talents to create life from his very own drawings. Other than a sketchbook, the Book of Saol holds the legendary power to stop evil. This is not just an ordinary book, it is a book of “Life.” Its power is so great that only a true artist can wield it to bring forth life from art. The Book of Saol will determine everyone’s fate, and if it is placed in the wrong hands the consequences could be catastrophic. Featured In: Character Design Served Featured In: Ringling Portfolio's

The Book of Saol
Cover Illustration
"Chosen One"
Spot Illustration
"The Traveler"
Final Design Spread
Final Design Spread
Support Character

"The old and Wise"
Character Exploration Sheet
The Puca Villagers
Character Exploration Spread
The Corrupted Puca
Character Exploration Spread
"Down Time"
Old Puca smoking a pipe

The Puca Props
Prop Design
"The Book of Saol"
Prop Design Spread
Puca Homes
Exploration Design
"Home of the Aldo"
"​The Medic"
Vehicle / Beast Design Spread

The Puca World
Environment Designs
"Lurking in the Shadows"
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